Firmware uload bug in mission planner 1.3.27

hi everyone
i don’t know that I’m alone with this bug or other have this problem
i tried to upload firmware with mission planner 1.3.27 on 3 boards , 1 APM 2.8 and 2 Pixhawk 2.4.6 mission planner will left board on bootloader mode and cant detect it again (B/E bilking red) i tested all 3 boards with QGC and all are OK

I updated a 2.4.8 and a Kakute F7 this morning with no problem. After updating MP to latest Beta first as I always do.


Yes I am seeing this as is a few others.

You flash and it’s stuck in boot loader after rebooting. Only way I have found to resolve is to try flashing the same firmware again and you get the it’s already installed message and it kicks in as normal then.

I literally can replicate this on multiple controllers as well and seem specifically worse with the latest master build.