Firmware not loading

I am trying to install firmware into the Pixhawk black cube. But every time I try it keeps giving the message firmware failed to load.

When I connect the cube using USB first there is a flashing red LED light then just solid red LED light. It does not fade away.

I tried connecting it to Mission Planner but it does not connect.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

Try using QGroundControl to flash Ardcopter. Select Chibios, Stable version and Cube Black. If succesful you can then go back to Mission Planner for Config anf Calibration.

Hi. I didn’t try the QGroundControl first. I tried using Mission Planner and the firmware did load. Com port recognized message was coming in the end. But every time I try connecting it to Mission Planner, first solid red light emits then red light blinks. Afterwards red blinking light stops but solid red light red light remains.