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FinWingHobby VTBIRD1.5

And that makes sense of course, and it was quite a vague and naive question.
My interest in “planes” comes from the concern of quads suitability to longer distance/area coverage both for imaging/mapping and payload transportation/delivery.
However, the application I’m looking at would likely require many missions and in challenging ground environments, so a traditional fixed wing – mostly because of landing – may be impractical. Hence VTOL. Which specific design though, I have not yet gotten there…so thanks for sharing the presentation :slight_smile:

Do you think a Convergence could carry a small payload? I don’t suppose it’d be an issue of raw power but I’m not versed in the transition dynamics and I’m guessing that would be the critical point. Might be fine if the payload is rigidly attached to the fuselage but I’m also considering a payload hanging from a line.

Dang those ARACE planes look nice. Their website is very minimalist and no indication of cost … I’m guessing those are not cheap.

The Griffin advertises 4 he flight time … That’s insane for a VTOL isn’t? Given that you mentioned a 8 minute flight time for the Convergence…a problem for mapping.

It seems like you have already started to see the compromises. VTOL designs are full of compromises.

I wouldn’t count on the Convergence to carry much weight in flight due to its small wing area. Even a 1.5 meter span FireFLY6 Pro is only rated for a payload capacity of 1.5lbs (0.7kg)…which is fine for mapping.

The 2 meter span Griffin can fly long but can only carry a 2.2lbs (1.0kg) payload. The VTO Pro has a bigger wingspan and can carry three times the payload. It is basically a Mugin airframe.

Anyway, to get back to the thread topic, it will be interesting to see the price on the VTBIRD 1.5 if it is meant for the hobby market. FinWingHobby has been around for years with their FPV Airplane Penguin design.

Yup Yup – all sensible. And also sorry for temporarily hacking the thread. I am on the verge of pulling the trigger on a Convergence if my online research does not yield a better candidate for entry level. I do agree with your point on classic quadplane advantages, but it only seems achievable through manual conversion, no kits available as far as I can tell.

And so back on the VTBIRD 1.5 which in light of all that discussion does seem like an awesome kit – assuming a reasonable price point.

I am working on converting a finwing transformer into a VTOL for use by a search and rescue team. my goal is to create a “kit” that can be 3d printed that will bring the price for an equivalent to the foxtech nimbus down to within the reach of most of us peasants. the SAR folks can probably afford the nimbus but it will be a lot less painful to crash a $500 investment than a nimbus. i haven’t flown the transformer yet but from most reports it has good flying traits and endurance. my SAR group needs a vehicle that can operate without a runway and needs good endurance. here is a link to some pics and all the stl files necessary (they are 90% final but minor changes will still occur). i am about to install the electronics and get into flight test. feel free to contact me at if you have questions or suggestions.

the only thing i cannot change about the finwing transformer is it’s looks - it is ugly but it grows on you. it does look good in the air…

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That’s awesome!
My application is not too far from yours, we are looking at UAVs to combat/assist with wildfires – especially here in California – on multiple levels. So I have some of the same constraints in terms of runway and endurance. Would love to hear more so I’ll shoot you an email so I don’t hack this thread too much more. We do have a 3D printer that we’re using for prototyping some of the stuff for this project already so it would be really cool to actually print the parts for the vehicle as well!

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i am looking forward to talking to you - it sounds like you are on the same journey we are. i REALLY like the finwing transformer because it is SO modular and easy to modify. it’s also CHEAP which will cause the post crash parties to be less painful…

So far the pricing seems reasonable. Here is a quote from the rep on one of the RCG threads.

Dual Motors and Single pusher kits: Estimated more or less around $99.9, VTOL CNC parts in options’ listing only.

$99 ??? Is that for frame kit alone?

That would be my assumption but I do not know for sure. I have invited the FinWingHobby rep to post here so maybe we’ll get an answer.

Thanks for your invitations!
Yeah, $99.9 is the basic kits for dual motors and single pusher. if want to make VTOL only need to adding CNC motor mount, 4+1 simply only need two front CNC motor mounts and few cheap parts is done, extra cost is less than $20.0 to achieve a 4+1 VTOL frame kits (not including electronic parts) if want to make Tilt rotor frame required two more tilt servo and two set of CNC parts as well

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Thanks for your reply and welcome to the APM forums!

The VTBIRD looks like a versatile and interesting design. I’m looking forward to its release!

  • When will a 4+1 VTOL kit be available?
  • What’s the estimated lowest cost shipping to the USA?


Estimated in August or September.
Not sure shipping cost, depends on the actual packing size, weight and shipping method, I don’t know packing size and wight until I owned a molded kits.


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Bump for developments…


Just following up to find out progress and when this will be available for shipping.


@Benxu Will the VTBIRD1.5 QuadPlane kit ever become available?

Really sorry for not updating for quite a long time! some guys asked how is VTBIRD project, latest updating is the previous publicized one did not to make final mould, we have been making new design after sample testing and heard lots of feedbacks. here comes a brand new design and wing span extended to 1.6M, wing Area 40Sqdm, not only this but big big improvement compared with previous old one. estimated by the end of April or early in May the finally moulded VTBIRD will do coming this time … page is here will keep updating once have new information,

FYI Here I would like to share some of the new version pictures

New VTBIRD 1.6M ( Non-VTOL version also available) for single pusher and Dual motor

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