Fine copter tuning help 8inch


I recorded one of my flight, I am really not sure if the tuning is fine or not. Here is the video:

I am pretty happy to see how it works, but I think that the tuning is not best, sometimes we see the pikes in pitch and probably it can do more smoothly. But I am not sure where to see and what to check for perfect tuning. Maybe some filters need to be adjusted or pids.

Frame 8inch with 9inch props 9050. I also made the one-axis gimbal using 9g servo. Any suggestions are appreciated. If here are any professionals in fine tuning I would be happy to discuss. Thanks.

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I can’t look at the log right now, so here’s some intro questions.

-Did you follow this tuning guide initially?

-Set up the dynamic harmonic notch and run an autotune if you haven’t already.

Yes, I followed the tuning guide and ran the autotune. But I did not set the dynamic harmonic notch, not remember something that. Will check it.

I think the tune on this craft is good as is. You could try the notch filters or just fly it. After enabling Batch logging and making a flight post the log and let’s see.

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Once you have the notch set up you should be able to autotune again, and get more aggressive PIDs for a tighter tune. Are you using a 4G connection for telem and video? One other thing I’d do is update to 4.0.4. Probably won’t make a difference in flight but it has a few pretty big bug fixes.

I use 4G connection. I’ll try to enable notch filters. Regarding 4.0.4 as I see it is still in release candidate, is it safe to use this firmware?