Finding bugs regarding EKF

Dear all,

I would like to ask a question related to testing EKF.

While I was testing ArduCopter, this bug attracted my attention.
I tried to reproduce this bug while I turned off GPS for less than 10 seconds. But, this velocity reset bug happens only after turning off GPS at least 10 seconds.

Question: Could you please share your experience or thought about why this bug occurs only if ArduCopter loses GPS for at least 10 seconds?
Unfortunately, I could not get this answer even though I reviewed the patch code.

Sorry for just asking a random question! But, your opinion will help me a lot. Thanks!

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This is a really interesting bug.

I am also curious why it requires at least 10 seconds of GPS loss but does not occur when it is less than 10 seconds. I hope you will get an answer!

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