File creation date error

This has been an annoying, issue . That all 3 of my 2450 GPs have had . Date and time stamp for photos ,videos and data flash logs is just about all ways wrong . Videos I recorded and down loaded off of SV yesterday , using the file system tab on the Web API. Show a creation date of September 9 1934 , March 1921 and some other wacky date. Normally they seem to have a file date that corresponds to the last time I may have been connected to the Skyviper android app. Or so it seems , but yesterday I was using the Skyviper App when flying /recording . Makes it difficult to figure out what video or any log file is . As they do not list in any chronological order . Any ideas what is causing this .? Is it me or the machine . Thanks in Advance

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I have not seen the wildly wrong dates. This sounds like something is uninitialized. But the behavior you have seen where the date is the last time you used the skyviper app instead of the current date is also a bug. I have submitted a github pull request to fix that one.

So far, it has gotten no attention. If you are up for building the Sonix firmware, you might want to pull down my fix and see if that happens to also fix your random date issue.