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Feature request: Full 16ch support for PPM input

(mike kelly) #1

No reason not to have full 16 channel support. Please!

(mike kelly) #2

There are reports that ArduRover supports all 16ch when Plane and Copter do not.

(Piotr Markiewicz) #3

Yes, there is a reason to NOT support 16 channels over PPM, it’s call time.

(mike kelly) #4

Sure but Rover already supports it so it can’t be too hard to move that over to Copter and Plane.

(Piotr Markiewicz) #5

First of all please show me rx with 16 ppm output

(Dave) #6

This one does. 16 channel capable with ArduRover.

(Piotr Markiewicz) #7

and look on RC output configuration (channels) chapter

(Dave) #8

Why? It’s not running OpenLRSng. It’s running ULRS. The Rx and it’s firmware is not really relevant to the thread topic anyway, it’s about Arducopter firmware support.

(S) #9

All my receivers support 16 PPM channels, and it would be great if it were an option to use them!
I don’t remember the specifics at the moment, but I have a copter that uses 16 channels, and I can’t use LRS w/ it… (I forget why the other protocols aren’t options… but they weren’t last time I thought about it…)

(mike kelly) #10

Mine also. 12 channels is so 2016. :wink:

(Piotr Markiewicz) #11

Let’s see
max channel is 2ms
frame for all channels is 20ms
so if you send 16 channels you frame will expand to 32ms so maybe this is a reason for lack of support
or maybe PPM is so old fasioned and no one cares about.

(mike kelly) #12

Let’s see for one the ULRS thread on RCGroups have 654,000 views with everyone using 16ch ppm…

(Piotr Markiewicz) #13

ok, I was wrong,
But still I don’t a see a point to use old analog PPM while we can use SBUS.

Project is interesting so thank you for a link.

(ppoirier) #14

This is an interesting option to add channels and long range. I think you can also use the i2c connected to a PCA9685 (like in the PXFMINI) and get all the pwm output available

(mike kelly) #15

The point is 20km symmetrical 1watt with mavlink full telemetry for less than $75 for transmitter module and receiver module at 433mhz so you can use 2.4ghZ for video.

(henrik04) #16

+1 Using SBUS 16 channel on FrSky X6R and X8R without any problem and being able to use 6 or 8 “direct channel” from the parallel Rx if needed. :slight_smile:

(mike kelly) #17

You are missing the point Henri. You will never get 6 miles distance let alone 12 miles distance out of an X8R. Apples to Oranges.

(henrik04) #18

Ooops I missed the 32 kilometers ! :slight_smile:
Then have RF modem compatible with ppm in/out RF900X has the power…
applications requiring best in class radio link performance.
Key Features:

Long range >40km depending on antennas and GCS setup
2 x RP-SMA RF connectors, diversity switched.
1 Watt (+30dBm) transmit power.

Should do for your application… :slight_smile:

(mike kelly) #19

Not what I want. The RF900X has been around for along time. But I do not want two transceivers on board. I want to simplify and eliminate RF interference. One radio with reliable long distance rc control and telemetry.

The ULRS does this.

(S) #20

The RFD product is PPM, so you’re just giving another example of a device that supports 16 channels, but ArduCopter still will only use 12.