Feature Request: Auto-takeoff timeout

I love auto-takeoff. I hand launch my UAV and it takes all the stress out of it.
I have a 20 second pause from starting the mission to engine start and then a 5 second spool-up.
However, there has been 2 occasions where I have wanted to abort (both went fine, btw!), but unable to, as I’m holding the UAV with two hands, so the only option is to launch.

So, I would like to request a time-out feature, that if the FC does not detect movement with X-seconds of engine start, it will reduce throttle . (Either at the same rate as the spool-up or it’s own custom parameter.).


Seems like a good idea. I will have a crack at writing something over the weekend.

I don’t have much coding experience on ArduPlane, so if anyone else could have a look at what I write, that would be fantastic :smile:

I was assuming you were already using the Auto Takeoff Hand Launching feature (http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/automatic-takeoff.html#hand-launching), however rereading your question seems like you’re just using mission commands to achieve the same affect.

The Hand launching feature already has good launch detection, as well as a time-out and attitude detection for failed launches (values are hard coded however).

I am using auto take off hand launch. However, I prefer to have the prop start before launching and not on the actual throw itself.

I should learn to read. I did not know that there was an automatic time out. I will test that on the bench!

So, I have tested this and it does not disarm once it starts. Left it for a good 30 seconds or so.