Feature request: auto retract mount

I was Looking for an “auto landing gear deploy” when low altitude, in order to auto retract camera mount under the belly of my plane, but I found that it only deploys the landing gear automatically when in landing mode. I imagine that this "auto deploy landing gear at low altitude may not be a good parameter for people that likes to make fast low passes.
But it will be a good feature (and maybe easy!) to create the option to retract camera mounts when in low altitude.

Hope any developer find this usefull!

Kind regards

I am also looking for this kind of feature with the possibility to use and configure a relay pin for that,
instead off retract the camera mount i would like to turn on/off the camera (retract the lens).
we can assigne 4 relay pin output but we can only use it for camera trigger and chute if i understand right.
Add the possibility to use one for camera retract would be awsome and the possibility to add it at the begining and the end off mission.

Hope the devloper will add it or somebody can explain me how to do it.

Best regards

If you’re running Frsky with telemetry then you should be able to configure a logical switch to be enabled above a specific altitude and use this to retract gear. Yaapu’s latest script also exposes an ARM telemetry sensor which could be used in conjunction to ensure the gear won’t retract until the craft is both armed and above a certain ground altitude.

Thank for the answer,
but it seems to not work with what i need to do,
i would like to auto retract during a mission ( in my case retract the lense of the camera so turn on or off the camera via one relay)