Feature Request: Altitude "bump" during WP missions

Would it be possible to implement an altitude adjust feature during WP missions? Ideally it would be great to set this up on a 3 position Tx switch whereas each time the switch is momentarily placed in the high position the mission altitude is increased by 1 meter or decreased by 1 meter by momentarily placing in the low position. This would come in handy in the following scenario: During a low level terrain following survey mission the drone is approaching an obstacle. The pilot could “bump” the altitude up 3 meters, clear the obstacle and then bump back down 3 meters continuing the mission. Thanks!

This is interesting.

On MP Flight Data -> Actions there is a “Change Alt” button which defaults to 100. I never tried that button, but you can try in the situation you say, change 100 to 5, and see what happens (does it remain in Auto mode?).

On the same screen there is a Joystick button. I never tried this while flying. Apparently, you can extend what your radio transmitter does, such as use more channels through Mavlink, as it seems. With joystick buttons you could do momentary actions, if in the code and within Mavlink possibilities.

The Change Altitide button will not change the altitude during a mission.

The joystick button opens the joystick configuration screen to allowe configuration of an actual joystick/gamepad connected to the GCS. I use a Logitech gamepad on occasion.

As far as i know, change altitude in MP works only for planes.

Perhaps this could this be implemented by adding the Gnd_Alt_Offset parameter to the actions menu in MP? Maybe add big + and - icons that could be tapped to increase or decrease the value by 1 meter.