FC for use on a 500 size heli

Hello i am again trying to find a FC that will give me a good stable flying heli and not cost an arm and a leg i had tried a matek 765 board but i could not get it to work can anyone recommend a FC for a heli i don’t do 3D just a sport flyer old guy now need the heli to hold in place while i get my bearing’s on it’s head direction thanks for any help and info

Good day, its up to the application you need, you can look for the mRo x2.1 777 or the mRo pixracer pro…, if you need an advanced fc i can suggest the new mRo oem h7.

I have a 3DR Pixhawk PX4 and Arducopter 3.6.9 on my 500 EXI flybarless helicopter and so far all is good, but I am not a stunt flyer and also a old guy playing around. Good luck

Thanks David and William
I will look at both FC’s i am saying a 450 because if i should have an incident it cost much to repair but i am looking at a larger heli like a 500 thanks again for your help and info