FC for a drone with 16pcs motor

Hey, an Ardupilot newbie here. I am working on a new project ( agricultral spray drone)
the drone will have 240kg total take off weight with 16pcs motor.we would use U15II motor , set up will be U15II KV80 + Flame200A ESC + G40*13.1" propeller at 60V voltage .
Here is the motor detail specification

please what FC can you surgest me.

thanks for your help

Ardupilot only supports up to 12 motors at this time. I’ve known people that split the PWM signal coming from an ESC and use it to control 2 motors, but this is obviously not ideal.

I suppose you could use 2 flight controllers, one for each bank of 8 motors and control them with the same RC input. This approach could have some serious issues though.

The easiest thing to do would be build a copter with 12 motors and scale the motor and props up to meet your payload needs.

How is this any different than the post you made here?