FBWA Bank limited to 30 degrees

I have a mini Talon and fly it in a bit of a tight field. The problem for me is that I can only get it to bank 30 degrees. This results in a massive wide turn that takes me out of our flying field. I changed Limit_roll_cd to 8500 cdeg, but it will never achieve this angle. I know this is too big an angle and will reduce it when I can figure out why the plane will not bank more.
Some of the new pid settings in ver 4.15 are missing from the full set of commands, like * RLL2SRV_RMAX
Have they been removed?. OOPs found them

Pitch seems to work ok, but Roll is a pain . Guidance will be appreciated.


You should mix some rudder in rather than trying to bank harder.

Yea, I had rudder mix in some time ago, but when playing back my video, I noticed a waggle on the video and for some reason I thought it might be the rudder giving a twitch. I have read the yaw section and I think a lot has changed in ver4.15,
Will need to read and understand how to get a bit of Rud mix in
Have increased KFF_RUDDRMIX to 0.5, might be a little high, but will need to do a field test .to verify.

Try adjusting MIXING_GAIN. The 0.5 reference value is too conservative for v-tail models. I’ve heard that a value of 1 is fine for the Talon.

V-Tail Planes — Plane documentation (ardupilot.org)

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Hello, it may be linked to the minimum airpseed and stall prevention parameters : to prevent a stall (in case of too low airspeed) the autopilot will limit the inclination to 25deg

You may try one or the other :
-disabling the stall prevention
-decrease the arspd fbw min
-calibrate your aispeed sensor (if any)


I agree on [JaKoB-FR]