FBW Bank issue

FBW has banking issues. The plane works great in auto and rtf but FBW sucks at banks. I am only getting a fraction of the max bank programmed.

With transmitter elevon mixing, you get more travel (higher or lower PWM value) when you move the right stick to a corner then when you move it to a side. You can test this in Stabilize. Problem is you roll the plane by moving the stick to the side not corner. Radio calibration is expecting high TX corner PWM value for max bank, but only gets lower TX side PWM value. So the Pixhawk only gives a percentage of max bank. Result is sluggish response to stick inputs while aggressive response in RTL or Auto.

I also have this problem.
Thanks for your post, now i know why this is happening.

I found that we seem to use the “old style ailevon mixing” as written here:
plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/reversi … evon-mode/
We have to use the “new style ailevon mixing”

You might also find a go-around for this by making the mix via an v-tail hardware mixer instead of a software solution in your TX or FCU. This would also help logging the outputs, cuz you then have individual outputs for elevator and aileron to.

So this is no bug of arduplane for my understandment.

That fixed my issue it was the old style mixing. Thanks for the help. I had to adjust missing gain and use the new style now all is good.