Fault tolerant Hexacopter


Is there a way where a faulty motor/propeller/ESC could be detected (potential thrust loss) and the copter would turn into a quadcopter mode to maintain attitude?
A hexacopter would convert into a quadcopter just to give it enough time to land safely and prevent further damage


If the FC is properly setup, a hexacopter can safely land if it loses one motor/ESC.

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wouldnt turning off another rotor corresponding to the failed motor give a better result rather than having the flight controller manage with 5 which is very unbalanced imo

like a seperate motor mixer which get triggered on potential thrust loss detection

Just telling from experience, not all hexacopters, even with surplus thrust and proper FC setup will be able to land safely

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The resulting “quadcopter” wouldn’t have alternating motor rotation. Yaw control would be coupled with roll or pitch.

By “properly setup flight controller” I meant a flight controller setup as described in the linked video.

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Key to making this work is well matched components, so that no aspect of the (normal) flight is a struggle.
And very good tuning.
The old visual “yeah looks good enough to me” can be quite a different story when checking logs.

There’s reports of hex and octos landing before the pilot knew there was a major problem, so it can be done.

I believe there’s also been changes over time to prioritize stability over yaw in the event of a failure, things like that.

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DJI has PPNNPN configuration, and we are trying this for our drone’s safety in case of motor failure. But can anyone suggest what will be the consequences of switching from PNPNPN to PPNNPN ? I am currently researching on this, and will be putting up my learnings.