FALSE Battery Alarm issue causing to land even there was no low battery

hello guys i am having a big issue it triggers alarm that the voltage is 10.8v (i have set to trigger failsafe at 10.8v) but when i check the voltage it is 11.55v why it is happning is it power module is not working properly or the battery is not good please can anyone reply me?

You need to post a log. Likely its a temp voltage drop that triggers the failsafe. But post a log and I am sure someone can assist.

ok sorry for that 2021-06-21 18-44-14.tlog (653.8 KB) here is the log file

Hey there you need the log from the drone.

As @rickyg32 suggested the battery voltage will sag under load. Not a big issue, experienced by everyone… Check out the log, there is estimated resting voltage data BAT>VoltR

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