Failsafe problem using DJI RE ocusync air

The DJI RE air sytem (HD digital video transmission system with uplink) provides sbus signal on the air side. Unfortunately I can’t set a proper failsafe using this “sbus” stream.

I did some oscilloscope tests on the sbus stream. When the connection broken, nothing happens for 3 secs, then the sbus stream stops, 0 Vols on the sbus output. The “frame loss” and “failsafe” flag is not set properly even in that 3 secs.
The DJI RE has not programmable channel values for failsafe condition.

So, checking it in mission planner, the autopilot holds the last channel values in case of broken connection. This makes the usual throttle failsafe unusable.

The autopilot detects the broken connection and warns “no rc receiver”, unfortunately it doesn’t trigger failsafe condition.

Is it possible to set somehow the “no RC receiver” as failsafe trigger?

Unfortunately I cannot help with your problem but I would love (and i think im not the only one) to see your build, could you share some pics? maybe a vid? :heart_eyes: