Failsafe copter

Hi, I have a problem with arming mine copter. When I want to fly with my copter I can not arm ESC because Mission Planner say “Prearm: chech FS thr value”. I set my failsafe FS pwn 1090, channel 3 value is 1110 for transmitter is on, 1018 when is off. Where is a problem? I worked it two months and still I do not know how repair it. Thanks for any replay.
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It’s because your FS_THR_VALUE is above your lowest PWM value on the throttle (you said was 1018). You need to change that value to a number below your lowest throttle value. In this case it needs to be below 1018 and it’s a good idea to set it at least 50 below that number.

Ok, but when I have transmitter on and throttle is the lowest position value is 1110, when I turn off transmitter value is 1018. I set FS PWN value 1090 because it is between transmitter on (1110) and transmitter off (1018).

The real issue is that your RC3_MIN is set below your FS_THR_VALUE. That means that either you haven’t calibrated your transmitter or it goes below what you think it goes.