Failed autotune Rate P and D

I am running into issues getting a successful Autotune for my Roll P and D rates. I read though the wiki and watched the tuning video multiple times. Unfortunately, the logs still look a bit like gibberish to me. Any help would be much appreciated.

Airframe: Trex 470lm
Flight controller: MRO Pixracer PRO
Flight log

@Thermal_King16 hi Daniel, the reason it is failing is due to the max frequency not being high enough for it to capture the data it needs to determine the max allowable p and d gains. So you will need to raise the parameter AUTOTUNE_FRQ_MAX to 100. I think that should be high enough.
The way you can tell is if it doesn’t get to the second frequency sweep and it says that it failed and exceeded frequency in the message.

I was able to accomplish a successful autotune first try with that adjusted AUTOTUNE_FRQ_MAX to 100. I truly appreciate your help!

No problem. I am glad to get some feedback and see that folks are using it. It isn’t fool proof yet but I have gathered some feedback and hope to improve it and make it more robust. Let me know if you run into any more difficulties.

I have a couple Trex 470s, one with an MRO X2.1 and one with a MatekH743, they hover well but not yet auto tuned, would you mind sharing your recent parameter file for comparison?

Daniel, please share your Tuned parameter file, I have a couple of Trex 470s Im setting up, thanks.