F765-WSE on a copter

What is your experience with Matek Systems F765-WSE on a copter?

hi, using f765-wing on a big quad, 15" propellers, has 4 in 1 ESC, sunnysky x4108s 380kv motors, works great, with 12 amp battery, about 45 minutes flight time. I find it very convenient!

There are significant differences between the F765-Wing and the F765-WSE. Same processor is about all they share. I’m a big fan of the Matek boards in general. I think if I needed another FC and there was no size constraint I would go for the H743-Wing V2.

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I’m building a Rover as we speak with an H743-Wing V2. So far, I really like the board. I have not yet driven it or connected any significant peripherals, but it seems very straightforward with a lot of features for the price.

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Hi Ilya an Dave.

I have rebuilt a 650 Ironman with Pixhawk 2.4.8 and placed it on the bottom upside down to get a better place with Lipos on the top. I’m considering switching it to a newer and smaller autopilot.
Maybe an H743-Wing V2 is a good alternative?


great board, but I advise you to use esc 4 in 1, it’s more convenient. I added a third platform on racks and already placed gps antennas and telemetry on it. but there is no bdshot for this board, so there will be no motor telemetry on blheli_s. I mean f765-wing

Suddenly after several nice flights was the H743-Wing bricket when powering on. I landet and changet the LIPo, 6S, and again powered on. Totaly bricket, no responce when try to reflash. Now on the proper place, wastebacket. No more Mateksys.