F550 hexacopter with apm2.8 pitch issues

Hi everyone

I am new to apm and building drones. This hexacopter is my first build although I have a couple quads and a phantom 3 pro. I have been using betaflight for the quads with good success but that’s still a learning process. The hexacopter I am having issues with is with Mission planner.

The build went great, everything install nice, props are rotating in the correct directions.

When trying to take off, the hexa pitches forward each time… it’s never been off the ground :persevere:

I have gone through the programming several times. I have checked the compass and gps. I have aligned and realigned a lot… I have looked at the physical balance of the hexa as well.

I am at a loss… Help please. What have I missed? I want to build a heavy lift octocopter in the near future but need to get past this hexacopter step.

Any of you in the vancouver area?


A log file from the APM would sure help to see what it happening.
If you push backwards using the Tx stick can you counter the pitch forward?
Have you checked the motor speeds change in accordance with the Tx stick movements?
(props off, arm, throttle to 1/4, pitch forward, rear motors increase revs, forward motors reduce revs, repeat for all axis)
Are you trying to take off too slowly?
The first take off, especially, needs to be pushed off the ground, not too high, just a metre or so out of ground effect.

Will try a push off at the start. I am used to my Phantom being able to do a slow take off. I will set up to get some log info and will check engine rpms with prop off.

Thanks for the reply
Stephen S

Oh… and the push back on take off does not counteract the pitch forward… first thing I have tried.