F450 Pixhawk Flipping

Just built an F450 variant Radiolink Pixhawk quad and am running into an issue. My quad keeps wanting to flip right on take off (either easing into it or full blown take off).
I calibrated accelerometer, compass, radio, and esc’s (tried auto and manual).
I’ve confirmed blade are correct for the spin of each motor (top left = CW, top right=CCW, bottom left=CCW, bottom right= CW).
What is interesting to me that you can see in the logs is, shortly before the flip (as seen in the pitch/roll logs), the motors on the right throttle down even though I’m only touching the throttle on the receiver (Radiolink at9s + R9DS). Thoughts on why this is happening?00000013.BIN (880 KB)

Did you run Motor Test in Mission Planner to determine if the motor order is correct? This is almost always why this happens. It runs in this order.
QX order

It also looks like you have skipped the Initial Tuning steps to be done before 1st flight:
Initial Tuning
Use Mission Planners Alt>A tuning plug-in to set these.

High five. Thanks Dave. I didn’t pay attention to the A, B, C, D ordering. I was so focused on the rotation of the motors and using the correct blades, but this makes total sense. Appreciate it.