F450 drone settings

Hello. I have an F450 drone, 2212 920kv motor, 30A esc, apm 2.8, 1045 props and 11.1v 4200mah lipo battery. Can anyone suggest the best settings for APM 2.8 AUTO Mode and PID settings?

if you go into the configs setting in ardupilot and install the hexsoon 450EDU setting,s they will be a very good start for you

If he replaced the obsolete APM 2.8 with a Flight Controller that would accept those parameters that would be great idea :smiley:

Some dogs can actually be taught new tricks but not that one :wink:


My bad Dave,never took notice of the F/C yea needs something newer to work with

I don’t have a hexsoon 450EDU drone.

the Hexsoon is very similar in size to your quad