F405 wing UART1 no power

Hi there,

First post, first drone, first everything. I have loaded the most recent arduplane onto my F405 wing. I am using a TBS nano Rx and can get it all working using sbus to serial2.

I am now trying a new setup to control via CRSF to serial1 instead. I have set the protocol for serial 1 to 23 as directed but my RX won’t power up. I only measure 0.5V from the serial1 5v pin. Did I break something or do I need to enable something? Serial 3 immediately above is my GPS and it seems to be working…oh I need the battery plugged in.

And I think my DuPont connectors are not making good contact

Anyway. First post bellow everyone!

You may need to plug in a battery. There is no setup for the output voltages from Arduplane, that’s all on the physical board.