F405-SE: Board version mismatch on flash

The F405-SE is supposed to work with F405-WING firmware according to Mateksys F405-SE/WSE — Copter documentation. I was able to flash AC with bootloader to this brandnew FC, but nothing seemed to work correctly.

Now trying to flash again without bootloader, I’m getting an error: “Firmware not suitable for this board fw: 127 - board: 125

I’m a bit confused. I tried latest and beta - this is the exact path: https://firmware.ardupilot.org/Copter/beta/MatekF405-Wing/arducopter.apj

Is the board # (125 or 127) identified by hardware or by the version originally flashed including bootloader? I used: https://firmware.ardupilot.org/Copter/latest/MatekF405-Wing/arducopter_with_bl.hex

Thanks in advance.

Never mind, it started to work after another flash with bootloader. I’d still be interested in finding out how this board mismatch came to be, using correct fw for the board. Is there a table where I can look up board ids 125 and 127?

Thanks. Well, I’m sure I used WING, so this is a bit bizarre. But now I won’t question a running system.