External USB module doesn't appear to work

OK, I have an issue with a USB connector (one of the external connectors that comes as part of the LED/USB connector).

If I plug my USB into the PX directly, the USB works fine. It keeps connection and every thing works ok. Plugging this USB extender into the I2C breakout board, then plugging the cable into the extender, it appears that the cable is connecting, but after about 30 seconds, it starts screaming like a battery failsafe (rapid tones, then a short break, repeat).

We’ve tried using a powered hub, tried it directly to the PC USB port with the same result. Does this sound like something anyone here has experienced? Is my USB connector hosed? It acted fine for about 30 seconds.

Thanks for your help.

Doh…sorry for wasting everyone’s time. There happens to be a USB plugin on the unit itself.

I feel a little silly now…sorry all.