External LEDs Arduplane

Got looking at the code. specifically in the setup function and found


I changed this to


I now have the external leds for arduplane. Other than not being able to use A4, A6, A7, and A8 for sensors, are their any other ramifications in turning on the external leds ?

I assume you’re talking about the Satellite Lock and Armed LED’s, right? could you tell me Exactly which pins each LED goes to? I assume Signal and Ground? Of which pins?

#define EXTERNAL_LED_GPS 28 // GPS LED - AN10
#define EXTERNAL_LED_ARMED 29 // Armed LED - AN11
#define EXTERNAL_LED_MOTOR1 30 // Motor1 LED - AN8
#define EXTERNAL_LED_MOTOR2 31 // Motor2 LED - AN12

Don’t mean to be a pain, just kinda new to APM, I could not find:

In ArduPlane/ArduPlane.cpp

You need to pull the source, change the the AVR-release branch, modify source code, and recompile.

make apm2

Since AVR targets (APM 2.x) is no longer main stream supported, you need to switch from the main tree to the old tree with AVR support.

Personally I do not understand why it is not enabled by default ?