Exporting CAN information to external program

I’m fairly new to the pixhawk and mission planner itself so I apologize if this has already been asked and answered or if I’m simply missing the documentation. Currently I am trying to get the CAN data from an onboard system through the telemetry link and port it to a separate software in order to view engine information contained within the 8byte packets sent. I didn’t know if this was possible to do with scripts or if there is a better/different way to approach the problem.

scripting can’t access CAN packets yet, but it would be possible to add CAN hooks in Lua scripting to handle custom CAN protocols.
Is this your own custom CAN protocol or an existing well known one?

It’s an existing protocol from an ECU we are trying to use, however the protocol is custom to the unit. I may be able to force it to use the Piccolo CAN but I will need to ask our supplier as we don’t have the units yet. If that is the case would it be possible with currently supported parameters to bring packets down through telemetry and display the data in a useful manner in either the HUD or Quick display?

The normal way we do this is to create a new CAN backend, like we’ve done for KDECAN, ToshibaCAN, PiccoloCAN etc. I really like the idea of being able to do a CAN protocol in a lua script, but I don’t have time to add support for that at the moment.

I implemented a very basic CANopen protocol to support the motor drivers we use. I based it on the existing ToshibaCAN code. It was pretty straight forward.