Experience with primary power supply failure


I wonder how common a primary power failure is. I use a Mauch power module and bec and I wonder if I just skip the backup power.

I used a cheap power module before (so the Mauch system is a significant upgrade) and did not have any problems for at least 100 flight hours. Can anyone with 1,000 flight hours report his experience?

I’m not flying anywhere near humans or anything that can be damaged from a crashing copter and if power failures are as (or less) commen as other failures, I would be ready to take the risk.

Is that a very bad idea?

Thx, Tobias

Well, shit always happens, even with the most sophisticated and expensive hardware. Building in redundancy is always a good idea (unless it introduces single point of failure elements).
So in a nutshell, I would go with a backup power supply even with a MAUCH.

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