Executable file generation

I tried to upload one of the github repository file “https://github.com/bugobliterator/ardupilot/tree/pr-libnpnt” in Mission planner Software.

But, it couldn’t recognize any such files as it is expecting the file to be in following extensions(".hex" or “.px4” or “.apj” or “.vrx”)

So, please give me a solution for how to convert these repository code into above mension extension file?

You need to compile the source code. Instructions here: https://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/building-the-code.html
I hope this doesn’t come across as rude, but if you’re asking that question you probably shouldn’t be building from a development branch.

Hello Sir,

I tried to compile my source code based on this video link “https://youtu.be/PLGezPQYMrs” , i got “.apj” executable file from the compilation.

I uploaded the code into controller using “Mission Planner” Software. I can do

  1. Airframe selection
  2. Accelerometer Calibration
  3. ESC calibration

But i can’t do “Compass Calibration”.

Please give solution for this sir?

The answers to your questions are in our wiki.
Please search there before asking for help here.