esp8266 + matek f405 + takeoff

hi, I would like to ask if such an outcome is possible. We transmit a signal from one esp to the esp, which is located in the quadcopter and the quad is automatically armed and takes off, thanks in advance for the answer

Are you asking if you can use wifi telemetry links? Yup.

If the quad is a new build then you’ll want to get it flying with an RC first to get it tuned and setup, but then running a mission from a wifi link is easy.


My English is not very good, but I think you can understand me. I have done WIFI telemetry, I would like to send a signal to the copter with the esp board droga so that it takes off and sits down.

What are you connecting the ESP8266 board to on the ground? A laptop or tablet? Then you can send the commands from the ground control software like QgroundControl or Mission Planner.