ESCs and Servos not working with Pixhack V3

I am working on a fixed-wing plane with a V Tail configuration. I flashed my Pixhack V3 board with the latest stable firmware. But when I arm it (with all the pre arm checks disabled) and try to move the throttle or control surfaces, the actuators don’t work. The servo output screen on the mission planner shows that the pixhack module is sending signals but still the motor or the servos don’t work. There is no hardware issue as the motors work perfectly when directly connected to the receiver. And also I have powered the output rail of the pixhack with an external 5V source.
I even tried using a different pixhack module and flashing old firmware as well. But the problem prevails. I have worked with pixhawk previously but never faced such an issue hence am clueless.

Please help!

my best guess is the safety is enabled. Try setting BRD_SAFETYENABLE to 0

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Yes, it worked. Thanks a lot!

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