ESC Telemetry Options

Hi all, I was hoping to gather some information on ESC options, as the existing documentation isn’t entirely clear.
I’m hoping to have ESC telemetry on some of my builds, and want to explore the different options on what I can use to get that.
I know that BLHeli32 ESCs are an option at the moment, but what else is there?
UAVCan, KDECan, and ToshibaCan all have support for feedback on the ESC end, but I can’t seem to find any info on it on the ardupilot end. Has any of this been implemented?
In addition, Spektrum has recently released a line of ESCs using SRXL2 telemetry feedback. Seeing as Spektrum has also released code for implementing SRXL2, are there any plans to implement this in Ardupilot?
Thanks in advance for the help.

I am using Holybro ESCs with blheli_32 firmware and they work great for telemetry. I get rpm, current and temp per motor.

As far as uavcan ESCs. It seems like there are only 20ish amp ones. Anything higher is way out of the hobby price per esc

I would stay away from the Kotleta20 from Holybro. These ESCs are a nightmare, too small pads to solder without spreading solder and shorting the pads, no mounting holes so you need to shrink wrap it and use double sided tape which makes a mess of the whole build.
I installed 8 of those…

Other than that, uavcan seems to be the best bay to go. Only one cable to the can bus, leaves you 14 output pins for other stuff. Unlike BLHeli which you can use up to 6 motors on the aux out.
Just my 2c

Could you please help me with blheli32 telemetry? I got telemetry working, have vtage and rpm per esc but no current reading. What settings are needed to get the current per esc?

How are you configured now? Did you also set batt2 to blheli?