ESC Telemetry and 4.0.3

Hey all,

I’ve had BLheli32 ESC telemetry working without issue for awhile now. I noticed today when I checked some logs that there weren’t any ESC logs. I have everything set up as it should be according to the wiki. Does anyone else have ESC telemetry working on 4.0.3?

I do on a couple of different mutirotors with no issues.

What FC and what ESCs do you have?


I’m using a Control Zero and Aikon AK32PIN esc.

You can view the log here

Or download it here

You are not using Dshot, unless your ESCs are sending telemetry without being asked for it, you wont get any telemetry back, as that is asked for as part of the dshot protocol

Right. Set a Dshot protocol, then set SERVO_BLH_AUTO to 1, then set SERVO_BLH_OTYPE to the outputs your ESC’s are on. It’s in the Wiki:
“Set the following parameters to enable BLHeli_32 telemetry feedback to a autopilot’s serial port:”

Well now I feel silly. I switched it from Dshot150 to PWM for testing. Thanks for the help!

And not to be a jerk but you noticed no difference in flight performance right? I see these posts from people asking about Dshot 600, Dshot 1200, etc and I wonder what’s the point of that. I have tested these protocols and concluded ESC telemetry and no calibration required are the only real benefits of choosing Dshot. I even ran these tests on a 3" quad.

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I’ve played with different protocols quite a bit on both AP based multicopter and other firmware like Betaflight. The only time I’ve found it made a difference is with racing or freestyle quadcopters. On AP I’ve never tried anything higher than Dshot150. Doesn’t make any sense in this application. Especially considering Dshot is known to drop packets at higher speeds.

One other question, Do you get ESC telem readouts in the status tab of MP over SiK radio? I only get those readouts when I’m connected to the FC via USB.

Yep. This is my bench test setup (1 motor) spinning w/o a prop connected via a SiK radio.

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Hmm, I wonder why it doesn’t come through for me. I have the latest MP beta. Thanks for the sanity check.

Switch your serial protocol to mavlink2. It’s documented that mavlink1 won’t send esc telemetry

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I am facing same issue
ESC:T-Motor P50A 3-6S BLHeli_32 4-in-1
Flight Controller:Matek H743-SLIM

I followed all steps still not getting voltage and current from esc
ESC:T-Motor P50A 3-6S BLHeli_32 4-in-1
Flight Controller:Matek H743-SLIM

Clearly, you did not followed all the steps, if you did it would work.
Please do describe the steps that you followed.

Post the parameter file

I set below Parameters
MOT_PWM_TYPE=6 //DShot600

Also as requested by @dkemxr I am sharing complete parameters