Esc can't responde


I have a pixhawk with a Fr Sky D8R-II plus, using the firmware to have CPPM on pixhawk.

but after same problem with pixhawk and firmware updates, right now i try to start the motors but they keep the beep as he doesnt have signal.
i already enter in cli and type
esc_calib -c 1234 for calibration without success

when i put esc_calib -c 1234 -l 1100 the motor start spin, but after i get out of the calibration process the beep keep.
i try to connect the motor to the receiver on channel 5 and the esc/ motor work.

What can i do to fix this , i haven’t more ideas.

thanks for your support Pedro

What ESC’s are you using?
Have you tried doing the all in one esc calibration? … alibration

One the receiver, you should be connecting to channel 3 as that is the throttle channel unless specified otherwise.