ESC Calibration with Delay in Controller

Hi all,

Have an unusual one. My controller after power on takes 30 seconds to pair with the air unit. SIYI MK15.

This is never usually an issue, however for ESC calibration it’s looking for a controller input on start up and it’s not seeing one. Instead it’s finishing its “calibration “ with no input before the controller even connects.

Any thoughts? I thought of hooking up a RC controller and calibrating it if that, however I don’t know if the different controllers would then impact it. Calibrate on one then use the other?

Either way to do the above procedure is quite troublesome.

Carry out the remote control calibration first, after the completion, find the parameter ESC_CALIBRATION in the list of all parameters, set it to 3, save and restart, the flight control will automatically calibrate the governor according to the calibration value