ESC calibration on 3DR Quad kit - no response

I have assembled the 3DR Quad kit. I have followed through the steps detailed at

I have completed through to … -hardware/ and have armed, having power to props etc. and set correct rotation.

But I cannot get a correct response when I attempt the 'all at once ESC CAlibration" … esc-motor/

When I powered on the TX with throttle up, connect lipo to the power module I get the red/blue APM lights alternating, the only visible yellow at the GPS connection on the APM. When I disconnect the lipo and reconnect (don’t touch the TX) I get the same light pattern and no tones. I have tried a half dozen times , checked lipo voltage, connections, etc

Thanks for any help - I am a newbie to quads and APM


Hi Chris,

Check you don’t have your throttle reversed. Also you can try to calibrate one ESC by the manual procedure, if this is not working maybe the RC transmitter is not sending the low and high values to the ESCs. … alibration

After message from Dany at Canada Drones I did determine that the 3DR power module was not putting out voltage to the APM . I just received a replacement from him.

The ESC calibration still didn’t seem to follow the instructions and video so I did the calibration one ESC at a time . The motors appear to start and run in sync. Secured everything , passed pre-arm check and took the quad out for it’s first hover tonight. Some fine tuning to do but otherwise looks good.