ESC Calibration (AC3.3+) - HOW?

Dear All,

I am trying to Calibrate the ESC following the instruction.

I have follow the Calibration with the youtube video 1 year ago by 3DR, however…it mess up my configuration and also the RC. (3 times i follow this and mess up my RC)

I assume now that 3.3+ ESC calibration cannot turn on the RC.

The instruction from MP says the following for ESC Calibration
1 . Complete Radio Calibration (Check)
2. Remove props (Check)
3. Unplug batt (but if i unplug batt…the MP planner cannot click on start button, how?)

What i did was eventually after that, i left the battery on and select “Start”…it work then

Anyone one has try this? please let me know