ESC Burned up

I noticed that one of my motors would barely spin, after some troubleshooting I found that 2 of the chips had been destroyed. What would cause this? Some history, I am thinking the initial build may have burned out the ESC due to too high current, any thoughts?

Original DIY Build
2014 Quad Frame with Gimbal
850kv motors
20amp ESC
3.5mah Battery 3C

was too heavy, barely got off ground
upgraded battery to 6mah, 4S
Did some flying (10 minutes here and there)

upgraded motors to 880kv, noticed motor was not spinning like the rest.

I replaced the ESC and took it up in the air again. I was able to get a couple of 30 second flights until finding one of the other motors/ESC’s have a problem.

I am using all 3DR hardware, the same hardware that is on the 2014 DIY. Can anyone help me out here? I cannot keep buying motors/ESC’s.


I think this the problem, the spec sheet ( calls for 40 amp ESC’s.

Santiago from 3DR support is currently looking into this.

Can you post a picture of your setup?

It is the exact same configuration as this

Here is the last video, after a test flight there appeared to be something else wrong. This was a couple of days before, before I opened ticket with 3DR. It seemed fine on the first run then motor 2 was not spinning like normal.

Mike, I understand that you would like to get your issues fixed, but I would like to suggest to wait until the 3DR support stuff answers your ticket. I don’t think it’s necessary to have the 3DR support staff and additionally the developers and supporters in this forum all working on this problem at the same time and independently of each other :slight_smile:.

From reading the forum, this has been solved by re doing solder of the connections.