ESC Are calibrating in Copter but not in Plane

I have a copter which have 4 prop. Only one of them is connected and still I can calibrate everything and control that motor. But there is a exception made while following whatever documentation say: ESCs calibrated via “Servo Ouput” settings; 3rd setted to rcin3(which is changable since it depends your channel preference) and reboot pixhawk then controlled it via one channel directly and then set 3rd to Motor1 and reoot pixhawk, it was under control and it was totally okay. There is is no problem from beginning to here.

Then firmware changed to plane and applied same things but ESC didn’t calibrate so motor wasn’t in control.


  • I am sure I applied all procedures correct(except ESC calibration since I don’t have switch but it is okay at least in copter)
  • Everything is wired right
  • Pixhawk takes its power from ESCs, not from power input
  • There is a bip sound coming from motors(beep-1s-beep-0.05s-beep-0.1s-beep-1.5s)

Thanks in advance…

Just to clarify, are you wanting to treat this as a regular plane or a VTOL quadplane?