Error uploading new firmware v3.2.0 on mission planner

I have a Pixhawk clone (HK autopilot), with the firmware 3.1.3 already installed, but when I try to update the firmware to 3.2.0, returns an upload error, what can I do?

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try plugging and replugging the pixhawk usb on various timings vs Mission planner’s prompts ,
the current recommended timing was not successful under windows 8.1 with vnware 6 for moi and suspect race condition as when random timings are tried eventually mine upgraded and had no further issues that way.

above was on a IRIS+ upgrade with 3.1.5 installed between the 3.2 beta and the final upgrade to 3.2.


Finally I refresh the firmware from another PC Laptop with Windows 7, could be a problem of the usb port

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