Error receiving log list

Hi All.

I’ve been having no problems lately and cancelled my last flight day because of flashing yellow light on stock iris+
Started with good satellite lock (10 sats), armed with green light and lifted off no problems. within less than a minute I received flashing yellow and IRIS+ went into auto land. TX batteries were fine as was the bat in IRIS+

Went to download logs to see what was wrong and I get the message “error receiving log list” How can I find the problem if I cant even get the logs.

Any help would be greatly apprciated

How are you connecting to the Iris to download the logs?

Might be a pointless question but not everyone is aware that you can only download logs via USB connection.

Sorry. IV been traveling in Canada for a couple weeks on business.

Yes. I was using a USB to connect. I may have solved the problem. First I upgraded MP, then updated iris firmware. From another page on MP I was able to download log files. Afterwards I went to the normal tab to download the logs (bin files) and it worked. I had to recalibrate accells and compass to get rid of error messages. Still haven’t flown yet…still traveling… I will post the other error mssgs and a better detail when I get

sorry. First flight since returning from Canada. Iris boots up with normal signal tone then gives 3 beeps in ascending tone. I also noticed the green light was flashing much faster than normal. It seemed to fly fine and definitely had sat. lock because it could hover very steadily. However, like I’ve heard from some others, Now I Have no telemetry data on my Tx. I connected Tower on my android phone and also did a test, Arm, Lift off, follow & RTL with out any problems.

RE: Above fix…I was on the terminal tab of Mission planner and started downloading the .log files after about an 90 minutes of doing that I could download the dataflash logs from the Flight data screen in MP.

so what gives with the telemetry data??? any one know how to get it back??

cheers & Thanks in advance