Error message when Arming via GCS over Telemetry

Good afternoon,

I am trying to prepare an octocopter for its first test flights. I am having issues with the telemetry connection between the GCS and pixhawk Cube Orange. I am using Holybro P900 radios in a mesh configuration. I am able to connect the radios and download the paramaters rather slowly, however, when I try to arm the drone from the ACTION tab in Mission Planner, after about 20 seconds I receiver the message “Error: No response from Mav.” The RSSI LEDs on my radios are all on indicating a signal strength > 80%. The link percentage on the Mission Planner data screen varies from 30% to 49%. I am unsure of what could be causing this error. I do not know if it could be because my telemetry connection is not strong enough.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Edit 1- When I connect to the pixhawk via USB I am able to force arm without issues.