Error internal error 0x10000000 on 4.1.5

@rmackay9 Had internal error 0x10000000 on 4.1.5 this morning. I checked and all params should be ok, does it mean it recovered from a backup and i am all ok?

internal error 0x10000000 param 365 was the entire message

Also noticed that under APM/STRG_BAK directory in the cube i have 99 files STRGXX.bak

Cube orange


What carrier board are you using? Some carrier boards seem to be more susceptible to this.

Your parameters should be fine as they all get stored in two places due to this issue. And if needed restored from the backup location.

The APM/STRG_BAK is a complete backup of your parameters, mission items, fence, etc. generated on each boot up to 100 files.

I’m not sure if Tridge is still collecting the storage backup folder…? Randy will likely know.

But if you could zip that folder up and a log before and after the issue that might be helpful.

Thank you. Carrier board is a Kore.

I think i do not understand what logs you need, the STRG_BAK folder?


Sort as I suspected that board is one of the main culprits of these unfortunately.

Zip up the STRG_BAK folder and include the .bin log before and after the reset.

But I’m not sure if it is necessary to provide the files as the mitigation we have in place is working. :man_shrugging:

I have seen that too, seems like the kore is one of the worst for that prob. It is a shame because is great for everything else. Maybe it is the way the tension raises when powered that alters something.
I do not have a bin file because it was not active since it is a new drone.

Thank you for your help, hope the mitigation does its job :slight_smile:

Yeah the board is laid out nicely but has some odd power issue with the STM32 that the manufacturer has had a hard replicating and tracking down.

Do you know if they are actively working on it? I mean to solve the issue?

Wrote an email to Spektreworks, will see what their answer will be.

Best they respond since I’m not sure.

With the mitigation measures(restoring from separate memory sector) in place we aren’t worried about issues with parameter corruption.

Also we are not actively looking at logs and backups for this issue I’m told.

Ok, thank you for your help!