Error connection APM 2.5 to mission planner

Hi everybody! I just bought an APM 2.5, I´m trying to connect it to Mission planner through usb when I connect the board you can read the message in the attached photo. I tryied to connect in differents computers and Usb and just let me install the firmware. I have installed diferents firmwares (arducopters, planes, rovers,etc…) How can I solve?


Did you follow these Wiki instructions

Yes, i followed that instructions, i can install the firmware but later when i try to connect to flight data a windows stay in getting params.

Unless I’m missing something here, your connecting in ‘Terminal’, a feature which I understand is disabled in the new MP anyway.

If you want data files, you can get them via the flight data screen and clicking on the tabs in the info window.

Normal connection to the board is done via the connect button in the flight data section, not Terminal - that is something completely different.

When I connect in the flight data appears a windows “Getting params” and It does stop there, like in the attached picture. The problem is that i can´t connect and setup the APM I can only install the firmware. Sorry for my english.

Thank you