Erratic Flight with Hexsoon 450EDU

Greetings All,

Recently built a Hexsoon 450EDU. Have done several flights with it and not had an troubes. It has a pixhawk 4 and standard hardware.

Today in loiter it randomly started twitching in flight. Started to appear to almost flop over but would stabilize itself. Seemed like a ESC glitching, or a motor failing. I checked all wires and nothing seems out of order. Battery was at 68% upon landing. It is a 50C but burst 100C. I don’t think I am losing power. Started pouring over the logs and but thought i would see if anyone had some good suggestions of where to start. Log file is attached. I flew in a short mission mode before this and did absolutely fine. The issue happened in the last minute of flight.

Looking to get to the bottom of this before flying again.

Here is a link to grab the .bin file it was too big for this system.

Thank you for any insight!

Looks like intermittent thrust loss on Motor 2 (commanded to max) with Motor 1 dropping to compensate.

Any reason you are using PWMrange for MOT_PWM_TYPE? Where is the Battery Monitor?

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Thank you Dave! I didn’t add a batt monitor as I built the electronics from items we had on the shelf in the lab. Will be adding one in soon, for now I am just timing my flights. Looking into Motor 2 ATM a PWM wire was stretched more than Like but could be a ESC.

Talk to me about your thoughts on PWMrange vs. other options.

Thank you again!

Just that unless you have a specific reason to set that it’s most common to use the default PWM (0) for standard PWM protocol. It’s aslo common to leave the MOT_PWM_MAX/MIN at default (0) but I believe there are ESC’s (some Hobbywings) where a recommended value is suggested. I haven’t used a PWM protocol ESC in quite a few years.

OK. You will want it for Motor thrust scaling. That’s what the MOT_BAT_VOLT_MAX/MIN is for.