Before I proceed with flight testing / tuning I want to understand some errors and issues.

My original post (several days ago) regarding this subject include a .bin file that inadvertently was pw locked. Thanks to Alister’s notification I resolved that. Here is my concern:

Quad, Pixhawk Clone (v2.4.6), MP v1.3.74 bld 1.3.756327684, Copter legacy v4.0.5., plastic props and plastic frame, Taranis X9D+ TX, Taranis X8R RX (SBUS from RX to Pixhawk clone). Conducted the mandatory setup.

Can someone look at the bin file and suggest what I might do to resolve the errors associated with EKF… before attempting any additional flights.

.bin file path:

Also, when I initially attempt to ARM the quad (90% of the time) the quad will not arm and I have to cycle the power to the quad before I can arm it. I am making sure that when I try to arm I do not move the quad.

One final comment, Rmackay9 suggested I reload the FW (original FW installed was the >1M version) and select the pixhawk1-1m version 4.0.5 since my Pixhawk clone is an older version with <1M of mem. I did reload the FW and use the legacy FW option. Is there a difference between the 4.0.51-1M and the legacy 4.0.5 version?

Any suggestions or help.
EFK error message: .png file attached
EKFerr 6dec2020PNG

One thing I don’t understand is how your quad even armed. Maybe because I’m using different boards, but mine won’t arm until after I get the message “EKF2 IMUx is using GPS”. You have the arming checks set to all from what I see, that’s good.

Sorry, but I can’t offer a lot of help here other than to say wait to arm until after EKF2 errors are all cleared.

The rules are simple, if you have a 1Meg board, you need !Meg Firmware, and yes they are different.

Thanks Allister, I do not see any Pre-Arm errors on MP at the time I select the arm switch, but I do see the pre-arm errors while the Pixhawk is acquiring sats and the kalman filters are settling out.