Engine failure: bug , mechanical or other?

New here… My first build a nano talon evo with Matek F405 wing. On the 3rd or 4th flight, I had a complete loss of power which led to an unplanned landing (almost on the runway).
I attached the log of this flight, from my understanding (using UAV Log Viewer) the AP commanded full throttle. At the end of the recording, I rearmed (after emergency landing), and the engine ran fine. No further occurence since.
Again, I’m new to Arduplane, so maybe I missed something obvious. Or I should replace the ESC… What do you think? (I’ve been flying classic rc planes for years and there is nothing obviously wrong withe ESC or motor, wiring or solders)

Thank you for your help!

Just had a look at the current vs throttle position. For most of the flight the current tracks along with the throttle input, as you would expect. But I can see where things went bad at the moment you pushed the throttle to full but the current dropped back to minimum. I agree with you that the FC was demanding full throttle but the current draw (and voltage drop, or lack of it) suggest the motor wasn’t following through with the command. I would say this is a mechanical/electrical problem. ESC, motor or the wiring between them, including the signal wire.

Just thinking out loud, I think the ESC on the Nano Talon has a BEC. Make sure you don’t connect that to the F405.

Hi, Thanks for input. I did remove the BEC power output from the ESC wiring (BEC is totally unused).

Are you using the correct prop and thus amp draw for the ESC. Sometimes the ESC can enter a limp mode / max temperature feature which would disable it until it has cooled down.

Yes, the stock setup which is fine with other people.