Emulate Ardupilot on linux and input sensor data through MAVROS

I want to run Ardupilot on linux but the sensor data is fed to the Ardupilot through ethernet using MAVROS. It’s similar to Ardupilot SITL, but instead of using fake data I want to input real data from sensors using MAVROS.

I know that this is possible in PX4, where you can run a PX4 instance on linux and feed sensor data from a Gazebo sim. But in my case, I want to feed real sensor data to Ardupilot (running on linux) through MAVROS or some other method (maybe udp using the similar to Tools/autotest/fakepos.py ?).

Does anyone know if this is feasible or have some other ideas?
I know that https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot_gazebo does something similar but I’m not sure if the gps and attitude data come from the Ardupilot SITL or Gazebo.

just realized that the fake sensor data is generated by the sitl firmware itself. I built a linux firmware and noticed that you can just execute it.

./waf configure --board linux
./waf rover
exec ~/ardupilot/build/linux/bin/ardurover.bin

I will now investigate how to connect to a running linux ardupilot firmware. maybe adapt the sim_vehicle.py to work with linux firmware instead of sitl.