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Emergency Stop Button for Large Rover


(Drew Sandlin) #1

I have a rover built on an electric wheel chair platform and I’m looking for a bigger emergency stop switch to replace the small illuminated switch that comes standard with the Pixhawk. Is there an off the shelf option for this? I haven’t been able to find one.

I’ve been thinking about using a larger switch and then having an LED light beside it. This way I can still wire it into the Pixhawk and get the information conveyed by the LED. Something like this:

Is the standard Pixhawk switch normally open or normally closed? I should probably dig into the Ardupilot code to figure out how the logic works…

If someone were to make a larger mushroom emergency stop switch that has a DF13 connector identical to the standard Pixhawk switch I would pay $25 for it, if any entrepreneur out there is looking for ideas.

(Hunt0r) #2

I recommend that your “safey switch” disconnect all motor power, rather than the safety-switch behavior which is implemented via ardupilot.

(hans bert) #3

you need relais that cut the power from the motors.
the pixhawk switch is not the way to go.